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Press Release PDF - theSportGPS Indiegogo campaign started February 24th

Press Release February 24th PDF
theSportGPS Indiegogo campaign started

Press Release PDF - theSportGPS Indiegogo campaign announcement

Press Release February 2nd PDF
theSportGPS Indiegogo campaign announcement

the Sport GPS,
a new "All-in-One" generation of sport watch
made with sports needs in mind.

The Sport GPS smartwatch with the NATO watch band

the Sport GPS GPS sport watch MP3 player logo and

A sport smartwatch and MP3 player with standard earphones jack 3.5mm A sport smartwatch and MP3 player with standard earphones jack 3.5mm A sport smartwatch and MP3 player with standard earphones jack 3.5mm

the Sport GPS watch in action (videos)

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theSportGPS GPS sportwatch MP3 music player video Youtube1 - All-In-One sport watch chronometer theSportGPS Indiegogo features video
theSportGPS Indiegogo features video
theSportGPS GPS sportwatch MP3 music player video Youtube1 - All-In-One sport watch chronometer theSportGPS Indiegogo Pitch
theSportGPS Indiegogo pitch video
theSportGPS GPS sportwatch MP3 music player video Youtube1 - All-In-One sport watch chronometer theSportGPS 3D view
theSportGPS 3D view
theSportGPS GPS sportwatch MP3 music player video Youtube2 - All-In-One sport watch chronometer theSportGPS in action first sample preview
theSportGPS in action
how it works?
theSportGPS GPS sportwatch MP3 music player video Youtube3 - All-In-One sport watch chronometer theSportGPS connect user software overview
"theSportGPS connect"
user software overview

The Sport GPS provides real-time performance data such as distance, pace, cadence and calories. You keep track of your progress during and after your workout. A sport smartwatch and MP3 player with standard earphones jack 3.5mm theSportGPS GPS sport watch MP3 music audio player real-time stats by GPS track - workout with music not with your mobile phone plus no need for costly bluetooth earphones. The Sport GPS map view screen helps to find your way The Sport GPS history view screen tracks your 10 last workout

theSportGPS GPS sport watch MP3 player grey black NATO watch band

theSportGPS GPS sport watch MP3 player blue pink NATO watch band

theSportGPS GPS sport watch MP3 player belt clip

the Sport GPS, definitely a good item for runners who love music.

Are you wondering about the task of juggling round the park and taking your phone with you on your early morning run? Then you need not look further as a new and trending device that meets all of your tracking needs is here.

the Sport GPS watch

is one of the latest "All-in-One" generations of sport watch made with sports needs in mind.

The purpose of

the Sport GPS watch

is not only to support fitness and performance tracking.

the Sport GPS watch

is genuinely useful and definitely a good item for runners who love music.
It is a fitness-focused smart watch with a built-in

MP3 player

including a large Memory based on a 16GB micro SD card, you could transfer all your preferred MP3 tracks and listen to music while practicing your favorite sport. Just plug your earphone into the standard 3.5mm mini-jack and you are good to go.

This multi task device is designed into a fitness tracking and user friendly watch. It uses multiple technologies and measures precisely your walking, running, biking and hiking performances and progress.

The Sport GPS has other added features that will help to enhance your daily routine like audio feedback along the way, track your workouts and lets you enjoy listening to your

MP3 music

tracks through standard earphones. Distance, route, calories burnt and many other metrics are tracked by its embedded sensors. Set your goals and your

the Sport GPS watch

personal coach will keep track of all your results and tons more information when connected to the free

the Sport GPS

connect software. One distinctive feature is the Waterproof function -

the Sport GPS watch

provides sufficient water resistance to prevent damage from sweat or rain. A GPS sports watch with activity diary capabilities for runners, cyclists, hikers and walkers.

A lot of athletes and sports people get tired of carrying their bulky Smartphone with them on every run. That's why the sportGPS is the best tracking device you should consider.
Leave your phone at home and just head out with our wrist-based SportGPS device.
While there are many great navigation apps for smart phones out there, they still have drawbacks, such as battery life, low water resistance, fragility, bulkiness, etc. It's a dedicated GPS for sports enthusiasts that lets you track your rides and runs, and helps you analyze and quantify your performance.

So, feel free to ditch your bulky smart phones and your imprecise fitness smart bands and enjoy your new sport training GPS.

the Sport GPS watch

will also use the connected earphones in order to deliver you "on-demand" voice messages about your performance data. (Depending on your own configuration choices such as average speed, total distance, running pace, etc...) Plus there's no annoying need to recharge Bluetooth earphones before your workout.


, you just have to go! To use this tiny

Sport GPS watch

, sporty people simply clip it to their shorts or wear it like a watch and begin training.

the Sport GPS watch

displays only the pertinent information and is a convenient tool in helping you to find out where you are.

Give this smart watch a try and turn your sport activities into a pleasurable and fun exercise.

The Sport GPS: Workout with Music not With Your Phone

The sport GPS MP3 player

Many workout freaks will be pleased to know that listening to their favorite tunes while working could help them have a better workout. A research conducted at Brunel University confirmed that endurance level is increased by 15% when listening to music while exercising. This should get you thinking by now.

This should be a real boost to both amateur and professionals alike. With the right soundtrack, they can push themselves a little bit further; while on the long-run make exercise more of pleasure than a chore.

The benefits of listening to music during workout are so much. It has been proven to be a real boast for people to venture out against all odds, even when it’s cold and dark. The brain gets excited and movement is induced in listeners.
Working out with music makes you less aware of your exertion especially if what you are listening to has a faster upbeat.

Most importantly, the motor area of the brain is stimulated as to when to move by the rhythm of your workout music. This is beneficial to exercises such as running or weight-lifting which are self-paced activities. The result of this is the efficient usage of your energy since a steady pace is easier on your body than fluctuating throughout a sweaty session.

However, a lot of athletes plug into their MP3 player or mobile phone while it is common to most aerobics and other class instructors to motivate their students with a thumping bass line. These are not efficient ways of utilizing the benefits music brings to the table while working out.

With the new born of amazing technologies and innovations, there are numerous ways and devices capable of making you enjoy your workout. One of such devices is the Sport GPS.

What is the Sport GPS all about?

The Sport GPS is a multi-task, high-tech device with functions and benefits of a sport watch, a GPS tracker, and an mp3 player.

With The Sport GPS, you have a sport companion packed with GPS tracking, POI maps, chronometer, voice coaching and an mp3 player with 16Gb of storage. What is however most fascinating about this device is that it is so small that you wouldn’t even feel it on your wrist throughout your workout.

With a device such as The Sport GPS, you are provided with functions and benefits that are far beyond the reach of any high-end smartphone.

With standard earphones, you get to enjoy your favourite mp3 music playlists. Without the need to spend extra bucks on Bluetooth headset, you can listen to “on-demand” voice messages about your performance data.

The device is guaranteed to boost your mood and motivate you into a positive mindset when the going gets though. This is useful when you are faced with a relentless miles in a long training run. Listening to music through The Sport GPS will distract you from fatigue and aches you are normally faced with during this period. You will be moved to run further and faster without perceiving any activity intensity level.

You are however not limited to the choice of listening to music alone. You can freely and efficiently listen to your audiobook and podcasts throughout your workout which is good way of multi-tasking.

To keep you free from unnecessary weight and make you move faster, the light weight of The Sport can leave it home. This wrist-based Sport GPS is all you need to keep you moving.

The psychological benefit of using The Sport GPS for workout is that it makes you think more about yourself thereby, giving you an escape route from the present and making you think better about who you want to be. No matter what might have happened hours before your workout, you know you will feel great when it’s over because the music and tune will push you through the workout and escape you from the present.

Beside the efficient music playing capability of The Sport GPS, its other features and benefits include:

1. Tracking and POI map: With its tracking and POI map, hikers, walkers, fell-winners, mountain hikers and outdoor enthusiasts can easily find their way around. It can show you a map of your pre-recorded POI and your current location for you to know where you are.
2. Social network ready: You can share your recorded fitness data to social sport websites such as RunKeeper, Strava, MyTracks etc.
3. StopWatch – Chronometer: The device provides on-screen real time performance data such as distance, pace, calories and cadence. This gives you the ability to track your performance throughout your workout.
4. Sunlight readable screen and water resistant: These features kill it all! Whether you are working out under the sun or in the rain, this little beast is always protected.

Article PDF - The sport GPS MP3 player

Running with music

the Pros :

- Music can put a spring in your step
Listening to music with the Sport GPS can make running feel easier, and research shows it can reduce your perception of how hard you’re running by about 10 percent. Music is also a well-known mood-booster, so it can help to keep mental demons at bay and motivate you into a positive mindset when the going gets tough.
- It can distract from pain
Whether you’re facing relentless miles in a long training run or pushing the pace in tempo runs, listening to music during workout with the Sport GPS can distract from fatigue and any aches and pains.
- Run further, faster
Listening to music can reduce your perceived activity intensity level, so it can, in effect, help you to run further and faster.
- Run to the beat
If you like music on the move, you’ve probably experienced that magical moment in a run where the beat in your music matches your foot fall – the Sport GPS can make you feel like you’re flying and all aches and pains fall away in that fleeting few minutes.
- Multi-task
For distance runners especially, time on the road can be time well spent doing other things as well as training. Music isn’t the only source of entertainment to listen to of course with the Sport GPS, there are also podcasts and audiobooks.

The Cons :

We are still searching but of course Safety first...
Running with earphones involves safety.
Listening to music may distracts you from your surroundings, and with road running in particular, this means traffic and crowds.

  • Specifications


    Processor :

    ARM - Cortex-M3

    Sensors :

    High precision Advanced GPS with multi-constellation support (GPS - Glonass), Accelerometer

    Memory :

    16GB available for MP3 music tracks, sport activity tracking, personal data (used as a flash memory drive)

    Battery Life :

    6 hours (GPS and MP3 player active with average use)

    7 hours (GPS active with average use)

    14 hours (MP3 player / GPS inactive with average use)

    6 days in Watch mode (GPS inactive and MP3 player inactive with average use)

    Recharging time to 100% : 3 hours

    Display :

    Sunlight readable low power high-resolution Memory LCD 1.28 inch (128 x 128 pixels)
    Display informations include :
    Time (12 or 24 hours... like a watch !), Battery Status, Charging, GPS status, Duration-Time Elapsed, Average Pace, Instant Pace, Stopwatch Chronometer, Calories, Distance, History, Laps, Latitude-Longitude, Altitude, POI map and user location, Backlight.

    IPX6 - Water and Sweat Resistance

    Connectors :

    1 earphones standard mini-jack 3.5mm connector

    1 micro-USB adaptor / flash memory drive mode and battery recharging

    In the Box :

    • The Sport GPS smart-watch device
    • Belt clip
    • 3.5mm jack to micro-USB adaptor
    • USB to micro-USB cable (recharge and Windows computer synch.)
    • Quick start guide

    On :

    • TheSportGPS User software tool for Windows powered PC
    • The Sport GPS MP3 player smart watch Manual
  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Who is this product made for?

      The sport GPS is a watch made with outdoor sports needs in mind. It will help you to see your performance while training and give you all the tools to see your progress. You will also be able to upload your results into all the popular exercise tracking web applications so you can share and compare with others. Your complete workout history is kept inside the device.
      The Sport GPS will also make your workouts more pleasant with its unique music player using a standard earphone connector. In this configuration you will also enjoy hearing your progress through the voice of the built-in coach.

    • Why should I use it?

      The Sport GPS gives you a comprehensive picture of your sport activities during and after your workouts by keeping all your history.
      By listening to your favorite music while training, it will be more pleasant to go longer and farther.

    • How is the sport GPS is better than a smartwatch like the recent Apple Watch or Samsung smartwatch for outdoor sports?

      The question is more, would you like to take your expensive, fragile and bulky smartphone with you while exercising?
      Apple Watch and other smartwatches are smartphone "slaves". They are not able to work if they are not connected to your smartphone.
      The Sport GPS is an autonomous GPS sport watch and MP3 player that needs nothing but itself to give you all the information you desire in order to see what you accomplished in your workout. Train with music using standard earphones through the 3.5mm connector.

    • Is TheSportGPS a fitness tracker?

      Fitness trackers on the market today are just evolved cousins of the pedometers from yesteryear.
      Though they could be used even inside buildings, they are not providing really accurate measurerements for outdoor workouts. Many of them need a companion application running on a smartphone or a Web site to give you performance figures, whereas TheSportGPS is fully autonomous and provides much more accurate results.

    • Does it count steps?

      No, it actually measures your real distance using much more accurate GPS Technology.

    • Where can I buy it?

      The first items will be made available through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo starting February 24th 2016.

    • Isn't it not too big for my wrist? (What are the dimensions?)

      It's a really tiny and light product. (35x64x13mm)

    • I use Runtastic, Strava, MapMyRun... on my iPhone today, how easily can I switch to using TheSportsGPS?

      Very easily. All your workout data files are exportable as GPS Exchange Format (.GPX) or TCX files. This format is fully supported by all applications such as Runtastic, Strava, Runkeeper and so on.

    • Can I read the screen in sunlight?

      Yes, this is one of the key features of the sport GPS together with the POI map and the MP3 player. Our screen technology offers even better visibility in sunlight in comparison to other commonly used display technologies.
      This makes a big difference when you compare our sport watch with a smartphone or many other sport devices that have, hard to read screens in sunlight.

    • What data does TheSportGPS show?

      The Sport GPS shows : Time, Duration, Distance, Speed and Pace (instant, maximum and average), Calories, Lap, Goal, Elevation, Latitude, Longitude, POI map and Position... all in Imperial or Metric.
      Most of the displayed information can also be heard through the voice coach.
      The sport GPS watch has four screen layouts - one for the chronometer data, a second one for the music player, and one for Historical data, and finally, one for the key user rules setup.

    • Can I customize what data is displayed on the screen?

      Between all the information provided by the Sport GPS you can select which one you want to see and in which order. You can also decide which ones to receive voice messages for simply by using the "TheSportGPS" user tools software on a PC with MS Windows. (Mac OS support in preparation)

    • Many sport watches have a touchscreen and The Sport GPS has six buttons, Why?

      As an outdoor device, The Sport GPS should be fully functional even if your fingers are sweaty or when it is rainy.
      Touch screens don't work correctly in such conditions. That's why we have designed the sport GPS with six buttons and a TAP action User Interface.
      Navigation between screens and functions are as easy as up-down / left-right / start-stop / okay-cancel actions.

    • Does TheSportGPS have a backlight in order to be usable for night workout?

      Yes. TheSportGPS has a bright sunlight display and has a backlight for your night time workouts.

    • What music formats can it play?

      The sport GPS music player supports WAVE (.wav) and MPEG Layer 3 (.mp3) file formats. (and soon we will add other formats like Advanced Audio Coding (.AAC)

    • How many songs can I store on it?

      You could store as many songs as your Sport GPS is able to store in its SD-card memory up to as huge as 65,535 music files.

    • Is it easy to change music?

      To import music into the Sport GPS you just have to "drag and drop" on the Sport GPS flash disk. And like any other files, paste or delete to add or remove a song in your sport watch.

    • Can I change the language of the voice messages?

      The first ready product will be delivered with English voice messages and interface. Quickly after, the sport GPS will support a large set of languages with a simple update of The Sport GPS watch's internal software

    • Does it have a map built-in?

      Not a map as in a navigation product. But, using our user tools you could create POIs on a Google style map and create a track. That POIs and track will be visible on your screen at the same time of your current geographical position. And you can still use the GPS to find your direction to "home".

    • How accurate is the GPS?

      Very accurate as the sport GPS watch uses the latest GPS technologies such as multiconstellation coverage and A-GPS. Of course, as with any GPS device you should have a view of the sky to be able to receive the satellites' signal.

    • How does TheSportGPS connect to a GPS signal so quickly?

      We've done some magic! We are using Advanced-GPS technology. We recommend that you connect your SportGPS periodically to the USB port of your computer and run the user tool (minimum once a month). It will automatically update the A-GPS data in order to provide you a quick GPS fix.

    • Does TheSportGPS watch work indoors?

      GPS is an outdoor technology. However, the stopwatch and music player functions work indoors.

    • Do I need a PC or Mac to download data? (Will there be dedicated software needed?)

      The Sport GPS is provided with a companion user application running currently on a PC with Windows. We are preparing the Mac OS version. The Sport GPS is like a Flash disk when connected to any computer on the USB port which allows you to copy and paste your music files on any platform.

    • How do I create a POI?

      A Point Of Interest (POI) is entered in the device from the user software map screen. A track can have up to 30 POIs. Tracks you have created can be saved or exported in Keyhole Markup Language (.KML) file format so you can share them with others or store for later use.

    • Can I download POI's?

      Yes, you should convert them in Keyhole Markup Language (.KML) format and then import them to your device. If you have more than 30 POIs, only the first 30 will be taken into account.
      To do so, you could use a free software like Google Earth.

    • Can it track elevation too?

      Yes, altitude data is available like your latitude and longitude. It's also recorded in the track file.

    • Is my "TheSportGPS" water resistant and water proof?

      TheSportGPS is water resistant, meaning it can sustain sweat and rain.

    • How do I update internal software of my TheSportGPS device (firmware)?

      Updates for your TheSportGPS are available through the companion software. The software installed on your computer will periodically check for a new update and will install it automatically and refresh A-GPS data as needed.

    • Can I get the strap in different colors?

      Yes, we will offer different colors and straps will be available as one of the accessories on our Web shop

    • What is theSportGPS social networks hashtag?

      Very simple, our hashtag is: #theSportGPS

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